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Create your own FY2010 Budget Proposal!

Illinois is facing a $12.4 billion deficit for the coming 2010 Fiscal Year. Gov. Quinn has unveiled his plan to cut costs and raise revenues to close the deficit. Many have bristled at some of the cuts and revenue/tax proposals. So, here is your chance to show everyone exactly how YOU will eliminate the $12.4 billion deficit. The line-by-line information in this budget tool is pulled directly from the State of Illinois, Office of Management and Budget.

Important Note: As a disclaimer, simply adjusting the line items, as you will do in this budget tool, does not fully capture the total cost savings or expense (cutting general funds in a particular area may cause Illinois to lose certain matching Federal funds, for example). But this is our best shot at creating a budget tool like this.

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      Start a new budget proposal. Your budget will start from Gov. Quinn's FY2010 proposed budget and will allow you to make changes from there.

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      Continue/edit a previous budget proposal. Pick up where you left off, or make changes to your existing budget proposal. Please only use this to change YOUR existing proposal. If you want to use another budget proposal as a starting point, use Option A above.

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