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Make Your Own Budget! (Now Live)

Last year, we created a detailed Illinois State Budget tool to provide all those who say Illinois can cut its way out of its $12.4 billion deficit with a chance to show us how. Over 1,400 budgets were created with the Make Your Own Budget Tool, yet not one could cut the budget enough to get Illinois out of this mess.

This year, we plan to release a new-and-improved budget tool that is being developed as we speak. We hope to have it released in the coming weeks.

Illinois Budget Summary

Featured due to Governor Quinn's budget address on March 10, 2010.

Source: State of Illinois FY2011 Budget Website

FY2011 General Revenue Funds Budget Overview:

A) Total Anticipated Revenues from current sources: $26.69 billion ( -$3 billion since FY08)

B) Total Projected Spending (Baseline): $32.009 billion ( -$0.95 billion since FY09)

  • Education (P-12 & Higher Ed): $8.18 billion ( -$1.15 billion)
  • Human Services: $4.631 billion ( -$0.54 billion)
  • Health Care: $8.686 billion ( -$1.46 billion)
  • Economic Development: $0.112 billion ( -$0.023 billion)
  • Public Safety: $1.370 billion ( -$0.180 billion)
  • All Other Appropriations: $1.179 billion ( -$0.240 billion)
  • Pension Payment (*scheduled ramp-up): $4.157 billion ( +$1.670 billion)
  • Required Transfers out (local government, transit, etc.): $1.982 billion ( +$0.085 billion)
  • Debt Service: $2.192 billion ( +$1.090 billion)
  • Unspent Appropriations (lapse): $.480 billion ( +$0.078 billion)

C) Difference between FY2011 Revenue and Baseline Spending: $5.320 billion

D) Unpaid bills remaining from FY2010: $6.157 billion

E) Total Deficit: $11.476 billion

Closing the Deficit

To be updated with proposed plans to close the deficit.