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Make Your Own Budget! (2009 version)

To all those who say Illinois can cut its way out of its $12.4 billion deficit, now is your chance to show us how. The Make Your Own Budget Tool is live and kicking. Once you have completed your budget, make sure to share it with the world.

Wonk with us

This site is managed by an informal group of thinkers and doers from Chicago, Illinois. Together, we have over 15 years of experience with State-level and municipal politics and government. We hope this site helps share with you a little of what we learned in that time, and our ideas for how our city, state and country can move forward.

Topic Areas:

  • TAXES: Analysis of state and local tax policy. Special emphasis on Governor Quinn's new tax reform plan.
  • BUDGET: Explanation of State of Illinois and City of Chicago budget issues and policy. Special emphasis on the state's $9 - $11.5 billion deficit.
  • TRANSIT: Exploration of ways to fix public transportation in Illinois and expand usage. Special emphasis on Transit Oriented Developments and the Circle Line proposal.